Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How are the paths to get to Rifugio Dal Piaz?

You can find the last updated info by going to CAI Feltre – Sentieri e rifugi or sending an e-mail to  All the info about special opening and trails conditions will be communicated through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

How much does it take to Rifugio Dal Piaz?

The classic path starts from Passo Croce d’Aune and follows the Alta Via 2 (CAI path 801). The itinerary does not require any technical expertise, is about 5 km long with 970 m of ascent; the average time to get to the Rifugio is between 2,30 and 3,00 hours.

In the presence of snow, the route may present exposed stretches with ice, packed and dangerous snow. Under these conditions, experience and practice to winter environments are necessary, in addition to crampons and trekking poles. With packed snow and ice, we discourage the use of snow shoes. Who decides to get to the mountain hut is aware of the risks and does it at his own risk.

Is it possible to get to Rifugio Dal Piaz by mountain-bike or E-bikes?


You can leave from Passo Croce d’Aune and follows the old gravel military road which is about 11 km long with 970 m of ascent. Due to the presence of trekkers along the way, we recommend you to keep your speed low, mainly when you get close to sharp bends where the visibility is limited. Mountain bikes and E-bikes are not allowed along the CAI paths.

How can I check whether Rifugio Dal Piaz is open?

Rifugio Dal Piaz is open every day 24 hours a day from June 20 to September 20. Apart from this period, it is open on Saturday and Sunday, and on public holidays depending on the weather and snow conditions. To check whether it is open or not, please use our Facebook and Instagram pages; our special opening for weekend and public holidays are usually communicated on Wednesday or Thursday.


Is it possible to book my night stay at Rifugio Dal Piaz? How can I do it?

You can book your night stay by calling us at +39 0439 9065. More details at our Prices and reservation page.

Is it possible to reserve a table?

Due to the special measures for Covid-19, the amount of seats is limited (both inside and outside the mountain hut) and reserving a table is highly recommended. It is possible to book calling +39 0439 9065. More details at our Prices and reservation page.

When is it possible to eat the “focaccia” (kind of pizza)?

From June 20 to September 20, the focaccia is usually served on Saturday and Sunday for lunch, or upon reservation in advance for at least 10 people. On some specific period (i.e. the two weeks around August 15) it may be served every day at lunch. We kindly invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to discover when the “focaccia” will be served outside the summer period.

Are there any discount for members of the Italian Alpine Club and other similar international Clubs?

Yes: they enjoy special prices for some dishes and drinks, as well as for the half-board and night stay. For more details, we kindly invite you to go to our Prices page.

Do you have any gluten-free food?

Yes, we do have some gluten-free food.

What do I need to spend the night at Rifugio Dal Piaz?

In order to spend the night at Rifugio Dal Piaz the use of either a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag sheet is mandatory. The latter is on sale at Rifugio Dal Piaz at € 8,00.

How does it cost to sleep at Rifugio Dal Piaz?

We are waiting from the Italian Alpine Club the prices for the new season. Last year it was € 43,00 for dinner + bed + breakfast for members of the Italian Alpine Club and other similar international Clubs (€ 39,00 for young members under 25 years), and € 53,00 for non members.  The only night (no dinner and no breakfast) was € 13,00 for members and € 26,00 for non members.  In addition to that, we are asked to collect a tourist tax of € 1,00 per day per person.

Is there any shower with hot water at Rifugio Dal Piaz?

Yes. This service is available for € 5,00.