Rifugio dal Piaz

What to see...

Numerous are the views during the way up and also from the shelter. In clear days you can even see the Venetian lagoon. At a short distance from the shelter you can enjoy the wonderful “Busa delle Vette” . This place is known all over the world thanks to its unique flora and its typicalness.

Who you will meet

On the way you will see a multitude of flowers and various wild animals such as chamois, deers and the local grouse with its unmistakable songs of spring. For the more experienced observers it is also possible the sightings of foxes, marmots, ptarmigan and many others…

What to eat

Here at the shelter you will find a lot of dishes prepared with local products… many of which are produced by ourselves. The bean soup with the original local bean from Lamon, sausages and mountain cheese, products of our vegetable garden, small fruits grown in the mountains at 0 km and the famous polenta ( maize meal ) generous first courses and delicious desserts.

Bike e Paragliding

The shelter is a very popular destination for mountain bikers. From the Croce d’Aune Pass a  9 km long muletrack takes you up to the shelter from where you can  continue and take other variations in direction Cima 12 or in direction Vallazza.

Paragliders well know this place because from here it is possible to take off and fly over the beautiful National Park of Belluno Dolomites.