• Mount Pavione
  • Cima 12
  • Crossing to the Boz shelter
  • Vette Grandi mountain farm

Once you arrive at the refuge…it’s not over!

Once you get to the shelter you can undertake several other paths with different longness and difficulty. You can choose the Mount Pavione, the Mount Cima 12 or the crossing to the Boz Shelter. Many of these will give you a beautiful view on the Busa delle Vette, a well known area with a unique flora and a special typicalness. Here you can admire numerous several basins formed by the effect of the last ice-age and the latest karst phenomena. So once you arrive at the shelter…it’s not over! Each one may decide to make the trip he wants according to his ability and curiosity. The shelter really offers many possibilities, it is considered to be an arrival point but also a starting point for many excursions!!!

Mount Pavione (m. 2335)

The run time is 1.30 hours. From the Dal Piaz Shelter go up to the little pass over the Busa delle Vette. From here follow the CAI 817 path up to the Mount Pavione. The path is almost on the crest and so you will have a 360° degree view, a complete overview of all the peaks surrounding the area. Once you arrived at the Col di Lana, go down slightly and then go again up to the peak. From here the view is truly amazing. .

To go back to the shelter you can do the same path or to shorten the way you can follow the CAI 817 path and reach the Malga Monsampiano. From here thrugh the muletrack you can return to the shelter. The path is not particularly difficult and it allows you to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings from the Busa delle Vette, to the Piazza del Diaol, le famous Pale di San Martino, the Lagorai Mounts with Cima D’Asta peak.

Cima 12 - Peak 12 (m. 2265)

From the Dal Piaz shelter go up to the Vette Grandi Pass, here follow the CAI 810 path. The path allows you to admire the beauty of the Busa delle Vette. A little before the 816 path that take to Saint Martino Valley you will see a trace which go up in direction Cima 12 Peak this is the one you have to follow.

Crossing to the Boz shelter

A very well known mountain route is the so called Altavia number 2 and the Crossing to the Boz Shelter is part of it. The path is full of ups and downs and it is quite challenging, this is why hikers normally undertake it after a overnight stay at the Dal Piaz shelter. From the Vette Grandi Path take the CAI 801 path and get to the Piazza del Diaol (devil square) and straight on up to the Sasso Scarnia (Scarnia Stone) Here we suggest the use of a helmet!!

From the Sasso Scarnia continue up to the Finestra Pass and then always following the CAI 801 route go straight on up to the Boz shelter. (where it is advisable to take a break). To do this route you need to be trained because it is long and there are many different levels. Anyway the route offers many emotions. You can spot any chamois in the Busa delle Vette and also in the Piazza del Diaol, which has always inspired fairy tales and legends.

The Sasso Scarnia (Scarnia Stone) is a wonderful place but it is also considered the most difficult stretch. In the right period here you can see among the rocks the “campanula morettiana”, a bellflower which is the symbol of the park. From here the view is wonderful, you can admire the imposing Sass de Mura with its unmistakable window.

Vette Grandi mountain farm - dairy

This route is easy and particularly suitable for children. From the Vette Gandi muletrack you can continue and reach the mountain farm the so called Malga of the Vette Grandi. ****************************************************************************************

Il tragitto non è molto lungo, all'andata è tutto in discesa e permette di vedere la Busa delle Vette che nel periodo da giugno a settembre è ospitata da numerose vacche da latte. All'arrivo in malga c'è la possibilità di acquistare il formaggio e altri prodotti lattiero caseari.